Management Team

Alessandro Curioni - CEO

Alessandro is a nuclear and particle physicist. He received his PhD from Columbia University in 2004 and has been active both in fundamental and applied research for twenty years. Before founding BAQ, he has worked at Columbia University, Yale University, ETH Zürich and CERN.

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Stefano Romano - CTO

Stefano is an energy and nuclear engineer expert on radiation detection technologies. After graduating from Polytechnic of Milan, he worked at CERN for 5 years. Member of the Swiss Society of Engineers, industrial and process engineering, section of Geneva.

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The Company

2019: BAQ, a Cern Spin-off

BAQ, based in Geneva, was established in 2019 as a spinoff from CERN. The company specializes in developing advanced sensors for detecting and purifying radioactive particulates in the air, and in providing consultancy in nuclear engineering and in research & development.

2021: Indoor air quality

Since 2021, BAQ has diversified its services to include the design of purification systems for applications beyond ionizing radiation. This expansion reflects the company’s ability to adapt to wider environmental needs.

2023: Nuclear engineering

In 2023, BAQ’s role in the nuclear engineering sector grew, particularly in decommissioning projects, following the acquisition of significant contracts. Furthermore, BAQ has been awarded an Innosuisse Innovation Grant from the Swiss federation for its research and development activities.

2024: BAQ expands outside Switzerland

In 2024, BAQ expanded internationally by opening a subsidiary in Italy. This growth was accompanied by the achievement of ISO 9001 certification for its nuclear engineering and research and development services, further proof of our commitment to the highest quality standards.